TEAM ABIRA (which consists of Cindy L. Smith, Cheryl Green, Tommy Moyer & myself) started their campaign to get ABIRA in the TOP20 for the 2018-2019 DPCA year
(Doberman Pinscher Club of America).
The plan was to only show 2 wknds a month. We did not have the desire
(at the time) to go all out ….
BUT it seems ABIRA had a different plan in mind.  When Cindy hit the ring with her,
ABIRA was in her element.
Any of you who have seen her show, knows every time she walked in the ring, she put her heart and soul into every step she takes.
She loves the ring, the applause, the picture taking at the end, oh how she loves that… and we believe she really understands what she needs to do to get on that podium.

After just 2 months and only showing 4 wknds out of 8, ABIRA was already #1 in All Breed Points and #3 in Breed points for 2018….SO we made the group decision that if they could do that when not even going out like most dogs who were campaigning every wknd, what could ABIRA do if they went out more?  SO, the race was on and after several more months, a few mishaps including Cindy being out several wknds due to a back injury, trailer issues and life in general, ABIRA finished the end of June #1 DOBERMAN ALL SYSTEMS!!  Over the next several months, ABIRA held that spot, even after Melinda’s car accident the middle of June which pretty knocked all of the Moyer family out from helping for several months but Cindy and ABIRA kept going and held onto the lead.   Cindy took over all aspects of the campaign and did what she felt she needed to do to keep the TEAM going.  Thankfully so many others stepped in to help when the Moyer’s were not able to help and that’s when you really realize it does takes a village to make things happen… Everything this amazing group of friends did from the smallest things like helping ringside, walking dogs, putting together ads, running errands, making hotel arrangements, etc. too driving half way across country, helped this TEAM reach a goal that was never even in our sights a year earlier.

This goal would have never been achieved if it wasn’t for so many incredible judges
who believed in this TEAM.
To Date, Team ABIRA has accomplished:

2018 - #1 Doberman ALL SYSTEMS
90+ Group 1’s
110+ Breed Wins

Thank you to all the judges for all these incredible placements and wins over the 14 months. 

THANK YOU to Cindy L Smith for the most amazing and fun year but mostly Thank You for believing so much in our Beautiful girl ABIRA …

 – To so many, another dream did come true in this amazing year of ABIRA and what a ride she took all of us on….Thank you for all your love and support!!

vWD: Carrier Hips: OFA - Excellent Echo: OFA - Normal
Color: #1 Black (BBDD) Eyes: OFA - Normal Holter: OFA - Normal
  Thyroid: OFA - Normal Cardio: PDK4 DCM1 - Negative
Dings: Negative     DCM2 – Positive Heterozygous
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